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Research and Development (R&D)

Our Janaki group has started Research and Development Centre too. In addition to its main R&D Centre at Karimnagar it has its zonal centres at Shameerpet for broiler birds. The R&D center is being taken care and guided by well known animal nutritionists. Our Poultry R&D Centre has a full fledged Poultry Disease Diagnosis and Surveillance Laboratory equipments.

The main activities that are taken at R&D :
  1. Poultry disease surveillance and monitoring.
  2. Conducting various experiments that are suitable for the commercial purpose with various feed ingredients and additives to evaluate their performance for body weights, feed consumption, conversion and also for EEF in case of broilers and production performance parameters in case of layer birds like rate of lay, egg weight, egg quality, shell strength and livability.

The results of the R & D are incorporated into the feed formulations to reduce the cost of production.