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  1. Broiler pre starter crumbles: Used from Day old to 10days of age.
  2. Broiler starter crumbles: Used from 11th day to 21st day of age.
  3. Broiler Finisher pellets: Used from 22nd day to till marketing (42days) of birds.
  4. Advantages of crumble and pellet feeds :
    1. Feed wastage is less.
    2. Full nutrient availability.
    3. High Digestibility.
    4. Good feed efficiency.
    5. Early body weight gain.
    6. Broiler pre starter, starter and finisher feed in the form of mash.
  5. Broiler concentrates : These are protein concentrate: used for preparing broiler pre starter, starter and finished feeds. These are mixed with grains like maize, Jowar and broken rice by the farmers.
  6. Layer chick crumbles :  Used for layer chick from day old to upto 500grms of body weight(7-8 weeks).
  7. Layer grower crumbles : Used from 8 to 16 weeks of age i.e. from 500grms body weight to 1100grms body weight.
  8. Grower concentrates : Used for grower feed, from 8th to 16th weeks of age after mixing with grains.
  9. Layer concentrates : Also protein concentrates available in mash and crumble forms and used for producing eggs after mixing then with grains like maize, jowar, bajra and broken rice etc. At farm. they are used from 17th week to till the end of laying period(72 weeks) layer chick feed, grower feed and layer feed in the form of mash.
  10. Emu chick crumbles : Used from day old to 3 months of age.
  11. Emu grower pellets : Used from 3 months to 16months of age.
  12. Emu pre breeder pellets : Used in 17th month of age.
  13. Emu layer pellets : Used from 18 months of age to till its laying period.
  14. Emu layer holding pellets : Used in non laying period.